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Cobblestone Energy’s new headquarters in Dubai

June 15, 2022

Welcome to Cobblestone Energy’s new Headquarters in the heart of Dubai!

We are thrilled to reveal one of the biggest and most significant milestones in our growth journey so far. Since we opened our first office in Dubai 2 years ago, our team numbers have almost quadrupled – a result of us successfully following through with our ambitious growth plans. As we continued to expand, we outgrew the space in our old office and started looking for a new place reflective of our unique culture and exciting work environment.

With a contemporary design, ergonomic workstations, well-equipped lounge and play areas, health-focused pantry, and a meditation room, our new office offers multiple opportunities to our team members for brainstorming, socializing or simply taking those much-needed breaks at times!

This HQ is a new chapter in our growth story, allowing further expansion while maintaining the essence of The Dream Team!


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