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Why Work With Us?

What characterizes us? Our focus on people!
We believe in the power of people to make extraordinary things happen. We invest in you and build your capabilities. We give you the right training, tools, freedom, and accountability so you can do what you do best.

From being persistent innovators to making high impact decisions, together we achieve what others classify as impossible.

We believe in a culture
of Ownership

We believe in ownership, freedom, and accountability in all that we do. Each of our talented people owns a certain area of business that s/he is passionate about and is responsible for its growth, while also being urged to contribute to other areas for the benefit of the team. Our collective intellect, thirst for excellence, and quest for constant improvements to raise the bar allow us to achieve more as a team than our individual counterparts.

We invest in
our People

Here at Cobblestone, our growth is not only defined by an increase in our profits or expansion in new markets, but by the growth of our team members. We like to invest in the development of our people and provide them with career advancement opportunities to fill positions internally. The opportunities we provide to grow personally and professionally in a collaborative environment directly contribute to our overarching vision of bringing together extraordinary people and achieving extraordinary feats.

We embrace

We don’t artificially manage and create a diverse and inclusive workplace. We just are. While our people come from more than 23 different nationalities, we don’t apply superficial labels to them. We see diversity as the broad range of life experiences, opinions, thought processes and unique set of perspectives we bring to every aspect of our business. We focus on talent and strong cultural compatibility, recognizing that this can come from anyone from anywhere.

At Cobblestone, we are committed to providing a working environment that fosters mental, social, and physical wellbeing. When you join us, you will embark on a rewarding journey with challenging work and exciting perks that will keep you hooked!

1. Exciting Work

People at Cobblestone love what they do – because they chose it themselves!

Our work is challenging yet exciting, and our team members unlearn and learn new things every day. Being a part of Cobblestone means you get a chance to build things up from scratch and take responsibility for high-impact initiatives, owning the successes and learning from mistakes you make along the way.

2. Growth & Development

1 on 1 mentorship

Our uniquely piloted Commercial Development Program (CDP) is the perfect start for anyone who wishes to step into the rapidly growing energy industry and advance their career. For a tenure of six to ten months, you are assigned a personal mentor who advises you on each step of your journey with regular feedback sessions to help you grow into a valuable member of the Commercial team.

Learning and Development budget for external courses

As a part of your development plan, you can benefit from our L&D budget to take up any relevant external courses that complement your on-the-job learning. We encourage all our employees to take at least two short or one comprehensive course every year to keep improving their skillset.

Opportunity to attend global networking events

As you build skills and grow as a subject matter expert in your area of passion, you also get an opportunity to represent Cobblestone in global networking events. In 2022, we sponsored two of our employees’ trips to EWorld 2022 held in Germany.

3. Compensation & Benefits


We pay the best to the best. With regular salary reviews, we ensure our people are always being paid competitively and rewarded well for all the great things they achieve while working with us.


Health Insurance

We enroll our employees in an annual health insurance plan which enables them to get healthcare services at a small cost or sometimes at no payment at all. A hassle-free visit to Dubai’s best hospitals, physiotherapy sessions, body scans, annual check-ups, mental health support, dental and optical support and maternity support are just a few of the plan’s benefits.

Health Insurance

Paid Time Off (PTO)

We encourage our team members to take full advantage of the generous paid time off (PTO) and to take the much-needed breaks throughout the year for a healthy work-life balance. We also have plenty of maternity and paternity days off for you to comfortably transition into the parenthood journey, and study leave days for those completing private study. Sick leave, wedding leave, compassionate leave, and pilgrimage leave are some leave benefits to be used during the year as needed.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Travel Allowance

At Cobblestone, we encourage our team members to explore new countries by providing them with a travel allowance benefit. It is an exciting and enriching experience to explore new cultures and landscapes, and what could be better than getting your trip subsidized!

Travel Allowance

Work Anniversaries

We appreciate team members that choose to be part of the Cobblestone journey and we generously celebrate their work anniversaries with activities of their choice. Not only this but your PTO quota also increase on your work anniversary.

Work Anniversaries

4. Mental, Spiritual, Social
and Physical Wellbeing

Our dedicated meditation room in the office can be used by employees to offer prayers, engage in meditation/yoga, or just take a quick power nap during break hours.

Regular wellness sessions by experts take place in the office to increase awareness around mental health and work-life balance.

Our well-stocked pantry gives you access to healthy breakfast options and freshly prepared juices.

The office lounge is a hub for our social interactions and is filled with various games for a quick recharge during break hours.

5. Support at Work

A generous relocation support covering all costs from your flight tickets, work visa and initial hotel accommodation so you can relocate with peace of mind.

A flexible work arrangement that offers some flexible working hour options along with a few work-from-home days each month in case you want to spend a little more time with family or dedicate some special focus to important tasks.

6. Social Events, Fun
and Celebrations

Throughout the year, we host various company events both in and outside the office. These could be just for fun, celebrating our successes no matter how small or to help strengthen our teamwork and cohesion across departments.

Company Trip

Football Club

Weekly and monthly team lunches

Weekly Friday after-work drinks

Breakfast Book Club

End of year party

Monthly wind-down Fridays where the team ends the workday a bit early to enjoy activities around the office 

Team building events

7. Living in Dubai

Our headquarters lie in one of the most advanced cities in the world – Dubai. Also called the city that connects the east with the west, it establishes a healthy balance between western influences and eastern tradition, making it a fascinating place to live.  

Dubai presents you with exceptionally good living standards and advanced facilities. A tax-free lifestyle, an efficient law and order system, low crime rates, great educational and medical institutions, availability of multinational cuisines, and some great shopping destinations make Dubai one of the best places to live and work in the world.

The Dubai airport connects you with direct flights to 234 international locations in 102 countries, making Dubai one of the most well-connected cities in the world. Wherever in the world your hometown is, it is only a couple of flights from Dubai at max! 
A well-connected, reliable, and affordable public transport network ensures that you can explore the city easily at your convenience even if you do not own personal vehicles.

Home to 180+ nationalities making up to 90% of the population, Dubai can make anyone feel at home. The multicultural environment opens endless opportunities for you to cultivate friendships across borders, enjoy varied cuisines, and take part in colorful celebrations throughout the year.  

Dubai never lets you get bored. With unlimited options both for indoor and outdoor activities, you can visit a new place each weekend. The world’s best theme parks, SKI and zipline experiences, the world’s largest underground aquarium or some of human’s best creations - the Museum of Future, Burj Khalifa or Burj al Arab are only a spots to mention. Additionally, Dubai hosts a plethora of events throughout the year to keep the residents engaged -  there are concerts, sports events, Global Village, stand-up comedy shows and much more for you to truly enjoy life outside of work! 

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