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Our History

Our Story So Far

We moved to a new and bigger office in Dubai as we almost quadrupled in number since we first moved to Dubai in 2020. With our specialized trading teams, we expanded our target markets to other European countries. We also formally established our Cobblestone Foundation in Uganda, in an effort to nurture the global communities from which Cobblestone’s people come.

We piloted a unique graduate hiring programme and welcomed many different nationalities every month, ending the year with 40 full-time employees. We strengthened the leadership team and built a new agile organization structure with special focus on people learning and development. We also entered the GB cross-border market and traded power across multiple European countries.

We relocated our headquarters to Dubai and started hiring internationally for technical, commercial, as well as support roles. Supported by extraordinary team members, we continued to grow amidst the unprecedented difficulties and constraints of the pandemic.

We opened our first Office in Kampala, Uganda and grew the Tech, Trading and Analyst teams to a total of 23 employees. We scaled our GB short-term power business and built our trading capability into a fully staffed 24/7 operation able to support the balancing needs of the UK power market.

With a team of 2 highly passionate and experienced team members, we started our trading operations in the UK power.

It is fair to say that Cobblestone was born in London and raised around the world! After years of experience in commodity trading and wider financial markets, our Founder & CEO, registered Cobblestone Energy in the UK. He founded Cobblestone with the idea that the energy transition would bring increased volatility to the short-term European power markets whose balancing needs could not be effectively served by current market participants.

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