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Our Company

At Cobblestone Energy we are experts in trading power to support the efficient balancing of the European power grids.

Founded in 2017 in the UK, we are now headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and operate in the European short-term power markets. We match the interests of power supply and demand in terms of timing and place of delivery. Our specialized trading teams apply in-depth market knowledge based on innovative analysis of short-term supply and demand in the European gas and power markets. We have developed a suite of leading-edge technology that helps us generate insight into short-term supply and demand balances and execute our trading strategies 24/7. Through this process, we fulfill a critical role in helping balance the European power grids to maintain a stable supply to consumers.

We currently trade power
in the following
European markets:

Our approach has been deliberately disruptive to an activity that has traditionally been low-key and of limited focus. Through innovation, collaboration, and determination we achieve what others classify as impossible.

We trade wholesale gas on all major European hubs, optimizing physical gas flows via our storage and transportation portfolio.

Cobblestone has leveraged its extensive quantitative and analytical approaches gathered from long dating power experience to build and run a physical gas portfolio consisting of storage and pipelines. Moreover, by forecasting supply and demand, we trade in major wholesale European gas markets to offset grid imbalances.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world’s leading energy trading company, supporting the transition into a renewable future.


We have created an entrepreneurial and flexible business model, which is able to sense and respond to market needs.


We only recruit the brightest minds and utilize unique trading methodologies based on proprietary analytics and leading-edge technology.


We foster a process-honoring culture emphasizing transparency, control, standardization, and automation.


We help nurture the global communities from which Cobblestone’s people come by supporting targeted development initiatives.

We are supporting the energy transition by managing
the imbalances in the short-term power & gas markets.


The increasing global demand for electricity and a net zero vision by 2050 has put unprecedented challenges on the European Gas and Power markets. The UK TSO – National Grid faces increasing complexities in meeting the ever-changing demand from the UK with the intermittent production from renewables. With our unique trading methodologies based on innovative analysis of the market data, we are able to predict supply and demand imbalances ahead of time and help the system operators to efficiently balance the system.


As a result of the increased renewables capacity in the generation mix, their inherent intermittency in the absence of storage can result in intense periods of volatility in the nearby markets. This poses an increased need for effective risk management, especially for renewable players in matching the changing power demands. With our advanced capabilities as a liquidity provider, we can take on managing this risk and better match power supply and demand by time and place of delivery.

Our Values

Our Values are part of who we are and how we operate. They drive our
culture, inform how we make decisions, and help guide our actions.


Hiring and keeping only the most effective people


Lifelong learning through continuous reflection


The team is more important than the individual


Being the best in any market we enter


Independent thinking through a meritocracy of ideas


Others must benefit from our existence.

Our Approach to

At Cobblestone, we are committed to being a responsible company while conducting all our business activities. We maintain a compliance culture of upholding ethical standards and regulatory obligations with the highest level of integrity. Our team members, both personally and collectively, must undertake to uphold these set standards and obligations as envisaged in our Code of Conduct. Our Management Team reinforces this culture by ensuring the respective team members are complying with the company values and ethical standards.

As an energy trader and in line with international and national regulatory obligations and
best practices, we have put in place the following key policies to support our compliance culture:

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Prevention of Market Abuse Policy

Our Development Plans

Our growth strategy is underpinned by our conviction to only enter
adjacent markets where we can:

Offer a sustainable service to grid operators and market participants

Leverage our existing front and back-office competencies

Retain an appropriate return on equity

We plan to leverage our expertise in Great Britain's short-term power markets to expand into several new areas

Trading in short-term power markets across the European continent, and then into all liberalised markets

Trading further down the power curve, from week ahead to several years ahead, across all markets that we enter

Trading pipeline natural gas and LNG across the European markets, and eventually, the Global market

We also plan to make physical investments in renewable assets
to aid the transition to a sustainable and green future.


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