Cobblestone Energy’s new headquarters in Dubai

Welcome to Cobblestone Energy’s new Headquarters in the heart of Dubai! We are thrilled to reveal one of the biggest and most significant milestones in our growth journey so far. Since we opened our first office in Dubai 2 years ago, our team numbers have almost quadrupled – a result of us successfully following throughContinue reading “Cobblestone Energy’s new headquarters in Dubai”

Cobblestone Reconnect 2022: Thailand Trip

Last week, several members of our #DreamTeam were a part of Cobblestone Reconnect in Phuket, Thailand because we like to celebrate our people and their accomplishments in BIG ways. While on island, we enjoyed being a part of Amazing race, Cobblestone Olympics, Painting a children’s school, DISC workshop and some night life of Thailand 🤫. Our teamContinue reading “Cobblestone Reconnect 2022: Thailand Trip”

FEEDBACK CULTURE: A Cliche or Absolute Necessity

When it comes to corporate processes, a lot of procedures have been ingrained into organizational culture that many employees, and employers alike do not stop to think about their purpose.  The concept has always been a fascinating topic of conversation, and a significantly heavy one for employees. According to many successful business leaders worldwide, feedback is one of the most importantContinue reading “FEEDBACK CULTURE: A Cliche or Absolute Necessity”