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Electricity Trading at Cobblestone Energy

“At Cobblestone, our aim is to predict the future imbalance of the grid and make calculated, risk-adjusted trades based on our own in-house analysis.

Electricity is a commodity some of us take for granted. It is the form of energy that powers our homes, factories, and increasingly, our vehicles. Being able to request supply at a flick of a switch seems so simple. At any time of the day, you can switch on your kettle and have your tea ready in a few minutes, yet the operations for providing such a service are far from simple. Unlike most energy commodities such as oil or gas, electricity cannot be stored on a large scale*, meaning all supply must be consumed in real time. Any shortfall or excess of it can damage electrical equipment, or cause blackouts. 

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Interning at Cobblestone: Experience of one of the best scoring students from UACE

Cobblestone is not just a trading company, it’s a home for intellectual transformation, professionalism and empowerment to shine in all aspects of life.”

I am Olule Jacob Stephen, a 20 year old resident of Lira City Uganda. We are a family of nine and I’m the second born of the seven siblings. I am a keen entrepreneur and during school holidays, for fun, I dealt in bread baking, chapatti and juice production. Cobblestone Energy, who are always hunting for exceptional talent, reached out to me following the release of UACE results in August 2021, where I emerged the best scoring 3AAA2 in the combination of BCM/ICT in Northern Uganda.

FEEDBACK CULTURE: A Cliche or Absolute Necessity

“Within our culture, feedback is a widely accepted form of development and our leadership continues to set an example by always seeking it and acting upon any areas that require change.”

When it comes to corporate processes, a lot of procedures have been ingrained into organizational culture that many employees, and employers alike do not stop to think about their purpose.  The concept has always been a fascinating topic of conversation, and a significantly heavy one for employees. According to many successful business leaders worldwide, feedback is one of the most important ingredients for growth and innovation. And we at Cobblestone Energy do not disagree. Feedback is the hallmark of our culture of lifelong learning and continuous reflection. 

Business Leaders’ Advice to Graduates: Growth Amidst Pandemic

“Simon advises that when applying for jobs, it is better to go deep, rather than broad

As a lot of folk wisdom suggests, resilience during adversity and a willingness to change and adapt are key components in the success of any individual or organization. At the start of the pandemic and during its progression, we have not been entirely short of challenges. Not to say, the setup of our Dubai office in 2020 also involved a lot of learning on our part. We have had to maximize our efforts in putting our people first; their safety and engagement and offering the best support to enable our entire team to continue thriving amidst the uncertainty.