About Us

Our mission is to be the world’s leading energy trading company, supporting the transition into a renewable future

What we do

Cobblestone seeks to generate value through extensive research and advanced data analytics. We evaluate opportunities in the market to drive profitable decision making with strong risk management. We buy and sell enough electricity every day to power a whole country.

How we do it

Our team uses quantitative and proprietary analytics to understand the state of the Electricity system and the market as a result. This requires a lot of innovation and the ability to make sense of data.

Electricity Trading

Electricity is fundamental to most of the world’s social and economic activities and every day, millions of transactions occur on the European power exchanges. The National Grid ensures that electricity indefinitely reaches its users. Cobblestone Energy, as a non-physical trader plays a crucial role in procuring some of that electricity by analysing demand and supply and enabling the operators to balance the grid.

Power trading
and Renewable energy

The nature of renewable energy sources is highly volatile and inherently not as predictable as conventional sources. Through intelligent research, data analysis and short-term trading, electricity traders can help resolve the supply and demand imbalances that can occur due to this increased volatility. They can move electricity from where it is in excess supply to where it is needed. By doing so, they are helping to improve the economic efficiency of renewable energy and aiding the desperately needed shift to a more sustainable world.

Our History


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