Interning at Cobblestone: Experience of one of the best scoring students from UACE

person coding on a macbook pro

I am Olule Jacob Stephen, a 20 year old resident of Lira City Uganda. We are a family of nine and I’m the second born of the seven siblings. I am a keen entrepreneur and during school holidays, for fun, I dealt in bread baking, chapatti and juice production.

Cobblestone Energy, who are always hunting for exceptional talent, reached out to me following the release of UACE results in August 2021, where I emerged the best scoring 3AAA2 in the combination of BCM/ICT in Northern Uganda. Prior to this, I had an interview with Nation Television seeking my opinion on how I managed to overcome the economic and financial hardships to enable me to excel. Cobblestone Energy family then gathered interest in supporting me by offering a fully funded and paid internship in their Ugandan office in Bugolobi, Kampala. While there, I was paid for online courses in Python for data science, SQL Master Class for data analytics and Microsoft Office Suite. Upon completion of the courses, I received certificates! Not only the certificates, I learned effective communication skills and how to socialize with workmates.  It was my first corporate experience. One of the quotes I have learnt is that ‘The team is more important than the individual’ and I was able to witness this by being around the high performing team here. This phrase kept me going.

Trading requires psychological intelligence, it’s not an insult to your intelligence! Through the trading books and reports I read while at Cobblestone, I realized that personal opinion and decision is vital in any aspect of life you face and thus you need to use the knowledge you have, to create knowledge, to solve the problem ahead! ‘Independent thinking through a meritocracy of ideas.’

Interestingly, 2/3 of living allowance I was given, was sent home to my hustling family.

Cobblestone is not just a trading company, it’s a home for intellectual transformation, professionalism and empowerment to shine in all aspects of life. As if not enough, they always try to challenge their current achievements and give more back to the needy community. ‘Everyone must benefit from our existence.’ which i can say has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life.


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